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Ansträngande partnerskap: näringslivet i nordisk stadsplanering

How urban planning contributes to economic growth and local development is a question high on the political agenda in the Nordic countries. This highlights, in turn, other key policy issues: how public planning can more efficiently contribute to...

The potential of industrial symbiosis as a key driver of green growth in Nordic regions

In 2014, the Nordic Working Group on Green Growth – Innovation & Entrepreneurship, nominated by the Nordic Council of Ministers, commissioned Nordregio to conduct a study on different approaches to developing industrial symbiosis and its...

Urban policies for sustainable living and consumption

Cities are increasingly understood as key locations for tackling questions related to sustainable production and consumption. Urban and transport planning are often highlighted as having the greatest potential impact on to successfully shape...

Nordregio News 4 2015

This is a special issue of Nordregio News, offering you an overview of current research areas and projects that we are involved in here at Nordregio. With the new layout and content structure, we wish to make the magazine more readable and easier to...

Adapting to, or mitigating demographic change?

The Nordic countries continue to experience the impact of the long term demographic trend of migration from rural areas and smaller communities to larger towns and cities. In addition, the share of the Nordic population aged over 65 is increasing....

City-region planning for everyday life

Whether cities can provide a high quality of life for their inhabitants is an increasingly pressing question, especially in the light of rapid urbanization and climate change. However, recent research from four Nordic city-regions —which include...

Nordic ways of dealing with depopulation and ageing in rural and peripheral areas

We live in a time of rapid urbanisation and ageing population, alongside international migration. It is clear that these demographic trends will strongly affect all of the Nordic countries, and especially their rural and peripheral regions. While...

Supporting Inclusion

Europe is currently dealing with a major influx of migrants and refugees. Every week, thousands of people are risking their lives for the opportunity to create a better future in Europe, notably in Germany and Sweden. Immigration is only the first...