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Nordregio News Issue 2 2011: Sustainable Urban Planning Revisited

This issue of Nordregio News sheds light on the debate on sustainability in urban planning. What has happened during the past two decades and what is going on today?

Planning for resource efficient cities

Application of the Metabolic Impact Assessment tool in Stockholm and Newcastle. This working paper is based on the results of two case studies completed by Nordregio researchers for the EU FP7 project: Sustainable Urban Metabolism for Europe (SUME)....

Demography in the Nordic countries – A synthesis report

The synthesis report introduces a set of tools to get a better overview over the mechanisms in the demographic change. Further the connections between the research based process of analysis and the administrative process of policy development is...

The New Rural Europe: Towards Rural Cohesion Policy

Much of rural Europe is steadily shifting away from our twentieth century conceptions. However, rural policy has been slow to adjust. There is an urgent need for a fresh approach, more attuned to contemporary realities and issues, which we shall...

Perspectives on rural development in the Nordic countries

Policies, governance, development initiatives Based on discussions and presentations at seminars held by the Nordic working group 1b: Future rural areas. As part of the work of the Nordic working group Future rural areas (appointed by the Nordic...

An actor-oriented survey of territorial governance systems in the Nordic capital regions

This paper aims to provide an introductory overview of territorial governance systems in the Nordic capital regions. In doing so, it focuses on the categorisation of various actors that constitute these governance systems. This is achieved through...

Nordregio News Issue 1, 2011: Europe’s strive for Territorial Cohesion

In this first issue of Nordregio News we aim to provide a better understanding of the ongoing discussion on the future European Territorial Cohesion policy; and specifically the role of the Territorial Agenda of the European Union 2020 (TA 2020).

Adaptive Urban Planning in Response to a Changing Climate

Climate change can be seen all over the world. In the Nordic countries, we have experienced warmer winters, stronger storms and greater precipitation, especially heavier rainfalls. Management of, and planning for, larger quantities of water, as well...