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Nordregio News Issue 5 2012: Smart Specialisation for All Regions?

In this issue of Nordregio News we take a closer look at what Smart Specialisation entails, and consider it from a Nordic perspective.

Green Growth and Innovation in Nordic Regions: Case studies

This working paper is published as part of the project Regional Strategies for Green Growth and Innovation. This working paper builds on the paper Scoping Green Growth and Innovation in Nordic Regions. One of the main conclusions of this study was...

Aspects of strategic climate work in Nordic municipalities

Nordic countries are working to mitigate and adapt to climate change at all levels. Counteracting and coping with climate change is a guiding principle for a wide range of Nordic initiatives. Local authorities are key actors in delivering the EU2020...

Added Value of Cross-Border and Transnational Cooperation in Nordic Regions

Transnational and cross-border cooperation play a central role in EU Cohesion Policy. The European Territorial Objective, one of three overall objectives of EU Cohesion Policy, and the programmes initiated to reach this objective have had an...

Regional Innovations: an introduction to concepts, practices and politics

Innovations is a policy buzz word and used more or less daily within the political debate. Innovations are regarded as fundamental for achieving economic, social and ecological sustainability. This booklet is an introduction guide to the concept,...

Nordregio News Issue 4 2012: Challenging Urban Geographies

In this issue of Nordregio News we challenge existing urban geographies.

Does Renewable Energy Provide New Rural Opportunities?

In many countries, renewable energy is highly prioritized, not only as a means of addressing environmental and energy security issues, but also as a potentially significant source of new employment, especially in rural areas throughout the OECD. One...

Demographic trends in the Nordic local labour markets

This working paper presents a part of the work in ‘Nordic regions and the demographic challenge’ initiative by the Nordic working group for the exchange of experience and knowledge developments (urban policies). One issue that has gained...