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Coastal Societies and Urbanisation in the North Atlantic Rim

Policy recommendations from the project “Coastal societies and demography” Many rural areas are exposed to situations where schools are being closed due to the declining number of children, local shops are disappearing in the smaller...

Nordregio News 3 2012: Quality of Life and Urban-Rural Interaction

This issue of Nordregio News discusses the concept of quality of life from an urban-rural perspective.

Integrating Green Growth in Regional Development Strategies

This is the final publication of the project Regional Strategies for Green Growth and Innovation commissioned by the Nordic Working Group for Third Generation Regional Policy. This report synthesises the work carried out within the framework of the...

Nordic perspectives on demography

A background report for the project on coastal societies and demography. The initial focus of this working paper is on the challenges for the West Nordic area in meeting the on-going demographic changes. These challenges are not special for the West...

Att möta demografiska förändringar

The final version of the demographic handbook has now been published in Swedish. The handbook aims at providing a new tool for regional and local policy-makers to find inspiration when preparing strategies and projects to respond to the demographic...

Scoping Green Growth and Innovation in Nordic Regions

This working paper is published as part of the project “Regional Strategies for Green Growth and Innovation”. This working paper illustrates the relatively new and explorative nature of the green growth concept. First, it includes a...

Nordic capital regions in the global network economy

What positions and roles do our Nordic cities have in this world of flows, and how does the global network economy impact on Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo, and Stockholm, and on Nordic urban policymaking more generally? World cities such as New York,...

Addressing the issue of demographic vulnerability

Demographic handbook for the Nordic countries – and how the B7 islands could make use of it. The new demographic handbook for the Nordic countries, produced by Nordregio, emphasises the emergence of three key demographic trends across the Nordic...