State of the Nordic Region 2013

State of the Nordic Region 2013 gives a comprehensive status of the latest development in the Nordic region, with a specific focus on both regional and municipal levels. It incorporates the latest available statistics with analyses on population...

Proceedings from the First International Conference on Urbanisation in the Arctic

The frame for the conference was phrased with a citation from the book Megatrends: “Urbanisation is a global trend which will significantly contribute to the shaping of human life in the future. The Arctic region is no exception … Since...

Nordregio News Issue 5 2013: Innovation Across Borders

This issue of Nordregio News examines the possibilities and advantages of cross-border innovation policies.

Demographic changes, housing policies and urban planning

Demographic changes, such as urbanisation, ageing populations, and international migration, have significant effects on local development. This study examines the relationship between demographic changes and housing, focusing on different local...

Nordregio News Issue 4 2013: ESPON – Looking Towards the Third Period

In this issue of Nordregio News we take a look at the past, present and future of the European Observation Network for Territorial Development and Cohesion – ESPON.

Utvärderarnas rapport 2012 Landsbygdsutvecklingsprogram för landskapet Åland perioden 2007 – 2013

Rapporten är framtagen i samarbete mellan Nordregio och Ålands statistik- och utredningskontor (ÅSUB) på uppdrag av Landskapsregeringen på Åland. Syftet med rapporten är att fungera som stöd och underlag för de programansvariga för det...

En granskning av Norges planeringssystem

How to make planning processes more efficient and plan for new housing continues to be crucial topic in throughout Europe, especially in metropolitan regions with high growth. During recent years evaluations and reforms of planning systems have been...

Urbanization and the role of housing in the present development process in the Arctic

This report has in its offset a focus on understanding changes in housing structures and how these structures are reflecting many of the changes which have characterized the Arctic during several decades. The report provides an overview of internal...