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Circumpolar Perspectives in Global Dialogue: Social Sciences beyond the International Polar Year

Nordregio Contributions to ICASS VII. Insert to Journal of Nordregio 2011:2

Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth

How Renewable Energy and Clean Tech can contribute to the Europe 2020 Strategy. Main messages from the Mid Sweden Conference 14 – 15 June 2011. The County Administrative Boards and County Councils of Jämtland and Västernorrland in Sweden...

Economic crisis management, vulnerable regions and future regional policy

Which policy responses that can and will be used to tackle consequences of economic crisis is a constantly debated and highly relevant topic. Seen from a territorial perspective economic crisis tend to have the most severe consequences on regions...

Cross-border co-operation in the Nordic region. 11 projects that have changed their region

Cross-border cooperation in the Nordic countries is strongly anchored in regional and local actors, who have seen a natural need for and benefits from co-operation across the Nordic region’s land and sea borders. The Nordic Working Group on...


Nordic Council of Ministers, 2011. TemaNord 2011:527. The current pace of global change has already had a decisive impact on the Arctic. To understand the current and likely future situation in the Arctic it is important to acknowledge the...

EGTC – European Groupings for Territorial Cooperation

The European Grouping for Territorial Cooperation (EGTC) is a new EU legal instrument established in 2006 to enhance and facilitate cross-border cooperation throughout the EU. Partners in an EGTC can be local or regional authorities or organisations...

Utvärderarnas rapport 2010. Landsbygdsutvecklingsprogrammet för landskapet Åland för 2007-2013

NORDREGIO, ÅSUB, 2011 (ÅSUB rapport 2011:4) Denna rapport utgör utvärderarnas underlag till Ålands landskapsregering inför 2011 års avrapportering avseende programmets genomförande. Underlaget har utarbetats i samverkan mellan Nordregio och...

Möjligheter och utmaningar för näringslivets utveckling

Kartläggning och analys av förutsättningar i den regionala stadskärnan Täby centrum-Arninge och Stockholm Nordost. Six municipalities in the Stockholm North East are revising their vision and developing an action plan for Täby-Arninge, one of...