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GREEN GROWTH IN NORDIC REGIONS 50 ways to make it happen

In the transition to a greener economy there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. Accordingly, Green Growth in Nordic Regions explores green growth through a wide lens, showcasing 50 examples of green growth in a broad range of contexts, both...

Innovation Networks in Different Industrial Settings: From Flexible to Smart Specialization

The key research objective of this paper is to analyse industrial specialisation by developing innovative networks linked to the region. Institutional and entrepreneurial innovation systems, smart specialisation and a network based research...

Segregated cities and planning for social sustainability – a Nordic perspective

Within Nordic cities, residential segregation is a hotly debated topic, often discussed in conjunction with concerns relating to socio-economic inequality, welfare provision, immigration, and integration. Nordic capital cities have experienced...

From migrants to workers: Immigration and integration at the local level in the Nordic countries

Since 1990, the population of the Nordic countries has grown by 15 percent up to 26.5 million people, mainly due to immigration from abroad. Still many Nordic municipalities struggle with declining and ageing populations, and labour shortages. In...

Nordic Green Growth Road Show

The Nordic Green Growth Road Show programme was commissioned by the Nordic Working Group for Green Growth – Innovation and Entrepreneurship and coordinated by Nordregio in partnership with local actors. Over 200 green growth actors participated in...

A Spatial Analysis of City-Regions: Urban Form & Service Accessibility

This project was completed on behalf of the Nordic working group for Green Growth – sustainable urban regions under the Nordic Committee of Senior Officials for Regional Policy, Nordic Council of Ministers. This working group focuses on how...

Planning for sustainable lifestyles: political limitations and possibilities

All plans are saturated with explicit or implicit ideas and assumptions about lifestyles and ways of living. Lifestyles have furthermore been given a key role for achieving sustainable consumption and production patterns, but planning for...

CASUAL – Co-creating Attractive and Sustainable Urban Areas and Lifestyles Synthesis Report

Exploring new forms of inclusive urban governance Urban policies and projects that are expected to promote sustainability are often focused on the built environment and the technical infrastructure. Less attention is given to changing lifestyles and...