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White Paper on Nordic Sustainable Cities

Rapid urbanisation is one of today’s biggest global challenges. Nordic Sustainable Cities is a flagship project under the Nordic Prime Ministers’ initiative Nordic Solutions to Global Challenges that seeks to shed light on this challenge...
2017 April

Planning Systems and Legislation for Brownfield Development in the Central Baltic Countries

Brownfield redevelopment is an important topic in Europe, where many countries and cities are experiencing rapid urbanisation. It is predicted that by 2020 approximately 80 per cent of Europeans will be living in urban areas, which means that...

Sámi News

The Sámi are the only designated indigenous people in the European Union. They retain their own languages and traditions as well as their resource-based livelihoods based on i.e. reindeer herding. Through a series of maps, this paper presents...

Public Investment and Procurement for Greener Buildings

One of the main deliverables of the RE-GREEN project is now available for reading. The handbook “Public Investment and Procurement for Greener Buildings – a handbook for European decision-makers” can be downloaded here. This handbook is a...

Aspects of strategic climate work in Nordic municipalities

Nordic countries are working to mitigate and adapt to climate change at all levels. Counteracting and coping with climate change is a guiding principle for a wide range of Nordic initiatives. Local authorities are key actors in delivering the EU2020...

Regional Innovations: an introduction to concepts, practices and politics

Innovations is a policy buzz word and used more or less daily within the political debate. Innovations are regarded as fundamental for achieving economic, social and ecological sustainability. This booklet is an introduction guide to the concept,...

Circumpolar Perspectives in Global Dialogue: Social Sciences beyond the International Polar Year

Nordregio Contributions to ICASS VII. Insert to Journal of Nordregio 2011:2

Cross-border co-operation in the Nordic region. 11 projects that have changed their region

Cross-border cooperation in the Nordic countries is strongly anchored in regional and local actors, who have seen a natural need for and benefits from co-operation across the Nordic region’s land and sea borders. The Nordic Working Group on...